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    MIFARE Mini S20 ISO Cards

    Author:admin   Posted :2018-7-15  Read:591

    MIFARE Mini S20  ISO Cards: Mifare Mini S20 ISO Smart Card Pro T 10119

    MIFARE® Mini S20 ISO Smart Card Pro T 10119 is the most widely used Smart Cards of the MIFARE technology platform in hotel key cards & Access Control solutions, complementing the offering in the low-cost segment with high security.

    MIFARE® Mini S20 ISO Smart Card Pro operates according to the ISO /IEC 14443 A standard, allowing an operating distance of up to 10cm with true anti-collision support. MIFARE® Mini S20 is fully compatible with existing RFID MIFARE infrastructure like ILKO Kaba / Maglok Locks and can therefore be easily integrated in current contactless solutions of leading hotels and other Access Control Solutions.

    MIFARE® Mini S20 ISO Smart Card  Pro T 10119 with MIFARE® Mini S20 chip has the functions of OTP & Read-only lock, which enables it as a multi-functional IC chip with high confidentiality and it applies to the area such as Hotel Key cards, urban mass transit, billing payment card, data acquisition system and access control.

    - ISO 14443 A Compliant
    - MIFARE®  20 Chip
    - Read/Write
    - 512 bit Memory
    - 10 Years Memory Retention
    - Secure encryption
    - Kaba Ilco/ Magloc/ Mifare Locks recommened Keycard
    - Multiple Options: Bar Code/ Serial Numbers/ Signature Panel/ Magnetic Strip  Available

    For sales assistance, inquiries about this product or for help in finding another product to meet your needs, please Contact Us by: info@vandotech.com.J

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