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    Hong Kong Vando Co., Ltd.  ( Shenzhen, China)
    Tel: +86 139 1676 4221

    Add:      Minzhi Street, Longhua Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

    Sales & Marketing
    Mr. Jingli Mao
    Mobile: +86 189 1972 8099
    E-Mail: sales@vando-tech.com


    Card Printing Checklist

    Author:admin   Posted :2018-7-15  Read:341

    Card printing checklist

    •Provide Photoshop or Corel Draw conform files (.cdr, .ai, .psd files)
    •Fonts must be in Curve format (outlined format). This means that the letters have to look like an image. In contrary case we can not guarantee the correctness of the font.
    •Kindly confirm if the colour is CMYK conform or Pantone.
    •For metallic colours we require sample cards to be sure of their intensity. Manufacturing of sample cards is recommended.
    •Possibly avoid the usage of metallic colours on the area where the chip is located.
    •Metallic colour printing influences the reading distance negatively.
    •The usage of very thin letters could create problems during the offset printing. To solve them we recommend to enlarge their dimensions.
    •Scratches on dark colours are more easily remarkable. To solve this problem we could use a special shield foil (with additional charge).
    •Upon confirmation of the encoding proof manufacturer will be not reliable for any claim.


    For specific requests on personalization please contact info@vando-tech.com

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