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    What is difference between EM4100 and EM4102 ISO card?

    Author:admin   Posted :2011-6-9   Read:11089

    What is difference between EM4100 and EM4102 ISO card?

    In terms of electrical function, there is no difference between EM4100 and EM4102. Both RFID chips work at 125 KHz and with 64 bit RO (read only) memory size. The major difference is that EM4102 chip has gold bumps on the die, and because of this reason coil (antenna) can be directly connected to the die.  From Figure 6.1, EM 4100 die is first packed in a lead frame IC module then connected to the coil. The thickness of lead frame IC module is about 0.4mm. For EM 4102 as shown on Figure 6.2, the coil is directly connected (direct bonding) to EM 4102 die.  The thickness of die is about 0.2mm only and in order to do direct bonding task we have to use thinner coil.  In short, EM 4100 ISO card needs to embed thicker coil and lead frame IC module.  Since EM 4102 ISO card does not need lead frame IC module and use thinner coil so the card surface will be much flatter than EM 4100 ISO card. The flatter card surface means better printing quality especially when using dye-sublimation printer.

    *The difference between EM4450 and EM4550 is that EM4550 has gold bumps.
    *EM4150 and EM4350  have been replaced by EM4450 and EM4550. 
    *EM4100 and EM4102 are the same as SOKYMAT UNIQUE.
    *EM4450 and EM4550 are the same as SOKYMAT TITAN.


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