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    Hong Kong Vando Co., Ltd.  ( Shenzhen, China)
    Tel: +86 139 1676 4221

    Add:      Minzhi Street, Longhua Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

    Sales & Marketing
    Mr. Jingli Mao
    Mobile: +86 189 1972 8099
    E-Mail: sales@vando-tech.com


    Vando Quality

    Author:admin   Posted :2012-8-12   Read:2026

    Vando ISO cards are built with the highest quality available today. Supporting both production and prototype requirements. Vando world-class manufacturing and quality standards maintain market momentum for all customers.

    All Vando ISO cards exceed ISO standards for quality and workmanship and are exclusively built in ISO9001 certified production sites.All Vando ISO cards have been controlled within all production cycles with complete traceability guaranteed from incoming material inspection through customer delivery. A 100% functional test before shipping is conducted on all cards.

    Customers can be sure that all Vando products do fully correspond to the ISO7816 standard. The manufacturing adheres to a Total Quality Management “TQM” program that gives to the customers the best possible product on time, every time.

    All processes are optimized to achieve a singular objective: Customer Satisfaction. J

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